STUNG by a WARRIOR WASP! – Brave Wilderness

This guy music have a death wish or just really likes pain, either way Coyote Peterson tracks through the dense forests of South America to track down the ‘Warrior Wasp’. The Warrior Wasp, a beautiful iridescent blue paper wasp, lives in the dense jungles of Central and South America. Their stunning appearance is well complemented by their elaborate nests that adorn the rainforest canopies and can house hundreds of these winged insects. However don’t let their beauty fool you, these speedy wasps pack a seriously powerful punch that can cause major injury and even death when swarmed in high numbers.

You can find more of these type of videos on his official youtube channel (Link Below) where you yourself will become lost in the amazing pain threshold Coyote has when it comes to getting stung over and over.. Let us know what you think in the comments below..

Watch More at The Brave Wilderness.

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