The Odbox Music Series Episode 3 – Rockstar Karaoke

Ever dream of becoming a Rockstar? Well now you can with Rockstar Karaoke! Sing in front of your friends with a full backing band behind you in the amazing venue that is Sin E on the Quays on Thursday 26th of October at 7:30pm and its free admission. These guys can turn you into a Rockstar with optional mentor classes too! Now is your chance to get out and sing a song Karaoke style but with a full band!! Select a song from their set list or choose a song for the guys to learn for a small fee.

The guys at Rockstar Karaoke also provide affordable singing and confidence development coaching classes prior to your performance if you wish to use this as an opportunity to improve yourself! Or just get up and sing for fun for free!  Lyrics will be displayed on a screen for you on the night.

They will also have a costume and makeup team to make you look the part! An audio and video team will be at your service to record your performance so you can share it with the world! We recommend to sign up via messaging our page as places are limited. Join they guys on this launch for a one of a kind experience… Oh and the most entertaining singer receives a pitcher of their beer of Choice! Big Shot out to The Clockwork Door for letting us use their amazing Facilities for our interview. Check them out here..


For more Visit the Rockstar Karaoke Facebook Page here or the Event Page here.

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