Jack Garratt – The One Man Show

A couple of weeks back I ventured out to Marley Park for Longitude, I had gone mainly to see one band MUMFORD and left with a keen interest in another artist Jack Garratt.

Got my fill of beer and went and saw HVOB and Winston Marshall (from Mumford).  HVOB’s a Dance and Electronic music band who was accompanied by Winston on vocals and guitar – surprisingly good trance/chillout music.  Stayed for the set and enjoyed it even though its not my thing.  More beer then The Villagers – catchy indie music, fantastic voice from lead singer, they would be familiar, but their music wouldn’t be that known to me, I was impressed – they filled the tent and was a crowd favourite.

One more Beer then Jack Garratt – He doesn’t fit into a particular genre, plays all the instruments himself, has a set up that allows him full control over loop, drumpad, keyboard, guitar and vocals etc.  Each song mixes it up with several “sounds’ thrown in, from indie/bluesy guitar, synth-pop, euphoric chill out dance, to loud and fast dubstep, trip hop (that what its called?) LoL  Amazing to watch, for all that he does whilst performing his vocal’s are only slightly affected. Throws himself into the music and songs, which any music lover will appreciate, not easy when you’re in control of EVERY instrument for EVERY song.   Atmosphere built in the tent with each song, and you could feel the connection between him and the crowd enjoying the set, which made for feeling of “shit this is a great gig”.  This guy is 100 percent just into his music, and playing it for peeps just appreciates the “art form” that it is, his concentrated focus on the music and quirky dance moves while he performing is infectious.   I’m so glad and don’t actually regret now that I missed seeing him live twice when he supported Mumford and  Sons at the 3Arena last year.  Don’t think I would have appreciated his talent in a bigger, more formal environment.  Guy to watch, fact he doesn’t fit in any genre is probably to his advantage.

The main event was the Mumford boys, never disappoint, catchy, anthemic, crescendo building songs made for a proper “dawnce” as Marcus would say, He was later joined by Baba Maal, who Mumford have recorded, along with others excellent tracks with for their collaborative Johannesburg EP.  To top off the night, showing appreciation for music and always the collaborating band, Mumford were joined by some of the acts from that day, and unexpectedly Hozier joined in for a rendition of “A little help from my friend”.   His bluesy voice wowed the crowd and was a welcome bonus to the already talent filled stage.

Left Longitude feeling like I had 100 percent got my money’s worth, filled my live music loving quota for the weekend left a keen interest in seeing Jack Garrett again, my feeling is lots of other peeps did too!  No dates for here playing here again as yet, here’s hoping!

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