Favourite Albums: Joanne Shaw Taylor – Wild

Wild is the fifth studio album of blues/rock guitarist Joanne Shaw Taylor and was released in 2016. There is a variety of great songs on this album, originals and covers. It’s honestly difficult to pick my favourites, but I will give two examples of songs I adore and have had playing on repeat on many occasions! These are Nothin’ To Lose and her cover of Wild Is The Wind…that guitar solo at the end just gets me every time!

Joanne Shaw Taylor currently sits near the top on my list of my favourite guitar players, having first discovered her in my teens when my guitar teacher at the time showed me the main riff to the song Going Home, the first track on her first album White Sugar which I will definitely have to write about in the near future! I eagerly learnt this riff and loved playing it at the time, and it was only during college that I was randomly inspired to go back and listen to White Sugar from start to finish…and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Wild was one of those albums that I was counting down the days to its release, and I was not disappointed when I finally got to listen to it. As well as Joanne’s incredible guitar playing and vocals, her songwriting had impressed me yet again. This is the first album that producer Kevin Shirley had worked on with Joanne, and you can hear the Bonamassa-esque flavour, but its main ingredient is Joanne’s unique sound.

Here is a video on Joanne Shaw Taylor’s YouTube channel on the making of Wild, it’ll give you a great insight to the record and you’ll enjoy it for sure.

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